Lion the Cat

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Lion the Cat is a purple cat, and the 3rd main character in the series.

He is also the only British sackcat (Psst... he also has an accent)

== Appearance==

He is a purple sackcat with one red eye and one blue eye, who wears an earing on his right ear, and glasses; he wears a pirate shirt and pirate pants, and carries a jack sparrow sword.


Lion the Cat Poster

Hand-drawn and painted with Watercolors by Captain Tangle

Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Best Friend: Probably his Captain, Captain rap and Captain Tangle, and Definitely Ghost

Affiliations: Sackcats, Pirates.

Abilities: Combat,


He has more than 60 versions of his costume, making him have the highest number of variations of one costune by any known sackcat.

He hosts the section of "Tip of the Day" on the Sackcat News.

He plays the role of Captain Sacky Marrow based on him in SpaceKat Pirates, and he was captain over Safire, his first mate, which was based on Captain Rap. Now, their positions seem to have switched to Lion being the first mate.

Lion based his Character off of his real life appearance and personality.

== Appearances ==

The Catbrothers Movie

Episode 1: "Hollywood"

Episode 2: "Making the Movie"

Episode 3: "The Video Game"

Episode 4: "Catch that Rabbit!"

Episode 5: "Court of Love"

SpaceKat Pirates (as Captain Sacky Marrow)

SpaceKat Pirates 2 (as Captain Sacky Marrow)

Sackcat news

The Catbrothers Subscribe Option (Cameo)

A Catbrothers Carol

Future AppearencesEdit


Through the Alternate Universes

Episode 6: "Captains & Captains"