Captain Rap: A Pirate Story is a book being written by Ghost in real-life under his real name. It will be a prequel to The CatBrothers.


- [Contains Spoilers: Read Only To Your Pleasure] The story starts off with Fred and Rap's mother putting them in the woods just like The CatBrothers, but instead Rap is telling it. Rap then runs away and pirates find him. The story then takes place when Rap is explaining where he came from in the movie but extented. The pirates are planning a rebelion against Mr. Magma, and Rap suggests they go straight to him and take him out. It is then when a storm hits, revealing a Krakken. The Krakken swallows the Captain, then attacks Rap. Rap manages to kill it, but falls off the ship in the process. He appears on a beach where Fred finds him. The story ends with Rap finishing telling his friends what happened.


- A possible sequal taking place in the events of The CatBrothers with Rap's saide of the story may come.


- *Captain Rap
- *Fred (cameo)
- *Lion
- *Sheriff Jerry (cameo)
- *Captain
- *Mother (cameo)
- *Steve (cameo)


- *This is before Capt. Tangle or Capt. Rap became captains.