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Captain Rap

Captain Rap is the co-creator of The CatBrothers and a  main character in the Catbrothers. He helped Fred create the species "Sackcats". He sometimes helps Fred create the series. Soecifically, he helps with spell-checking the catbrothers; and periodically, major logic jobs.

Appearance Edit

Captain Rap is a Navy Blue Sackcat with a pirate patch over his right eye. He wears pirate shorts, and sometimes doesn't wear a shirt. Different versions of Rap vary from having cat eyes, a happie medallion, or Nathan Drake hair.

Creation of the Catbrothers (According to Captain Rap) Edit

Pre-Sackcat Era (Christmas 2009 - June 2010)Edit

Captain Rap asked for littlebigplanet and a Playstation 3 for Christmas in 2009; he saw it was cool and little did he know it was a creation game. He played it Christmas day, and slowly started to enjoy it when the creation started. Later, he invited Fred to come play it at his house during a sleepover. Fred liked the game very much too. For a while, it was all they would play the whole time during many sleepovers. Fred wanted a copy of littlebigplanet and a PS3; however, he had no money at the time. Eventually, he got it by surprise for his birthday, but it was a long time before Fred got internet a few months afterward.

Creation of Sackcats (June 2010)Edit

Captain Rap and Fred started playing littlebigplanet together, and had costumes very different from now. Captain Rap had the idea of a simple cat costume. He stickered it light blue, put on lion ears, added a zebra tail and wore pirate shorts. Fred then, got the idea to make Sackcats. He perfected the idea by adding a nose to Captain's costume. Fred wore a green sackcat instead.

Becoming Captain (January - July 2010)Edit

Captain Rap was not always a captain, or even a pirate; for a long time, he had no title at all. The real reason he is a Pirate is because he loves everything to do with pirates: adventure, epic music, etc. It started a long time ago, (Possibly Sometime after New Year 2010). Captain Rap got the idea of becoming a Captain from, surprisingly, Captain Jack Sparrow. He knew that Captain Rap sounded a lot better than raprockrules. Therefore, he spread the word that his new PSN nickname was Captain Rap. At first, he had much trouble with people not remembering to call him that. However, nowadays, hardly anyone doesn't know he is Captain. He also built a ship to prove his title.

Early Littlebigplanet 2 (July 2010-June 2011)Edit

Captain Rap soon found out about the release of Littlebigplanet 2. He told Fred and watched trailers, reading much info about lbp2. Both He and Fred were saddened about the postponed release date. Eventually, They got lbp2, and played it very much. Captain Rap created SpaceKat Pirates 1 & 2, followed by the very famous Catbrothers Movie.

Rap the Cat in the Catbrothers

Catbrothers MovieEdit
Rap was born when people were having sackcat babies for some reason. He was hidden in a trash can by his mom to protect him from the sackcat killers, but ran off to the beach, and got abducted by pirates. There, he met Lion. Eventually, his ship was destroyed by a Sea Monster and was washed ashore. He was reunited with his brother Fred, and helped him defeat a squad of sackcat killers. After that, He and Fred found Steve, and later helped them obtain a disguise by distracting the sackcat killers. Next, they found Rick, who had a van to hide them in. Next, They went to find Sherriff Jerry, and he helped fight the people when they got into a bar fight. Finally, he helped fight the sackcat killers in Mr. Magma's lair.

Information Edit

Color: Blue

(From left to right respectively:) Captain Rap and Fred in a Pod with rare lbp Crowns.

Age: 15
Occupation: LBP2 Game/Film Maker; Great Pirate
Relatives: Fred, Capn's Mom
Affiliations: Sackcats, Pirates
Best Friend: Fred
Home: North America
Gender: Male
Abilities: Combat, Slapping, Making distractions
Likes: Adventure
Status: Awesome.

Trivia Edit

  • Captain Rap was once no more than a light blue sackcat with no nose, and a zebra tail.
  • His costume has more than 20 different versions.
  • FredAM1 found many of the sackcats, including: Lion, Raison, Waffle, Captain Tangle, Kizzie, and many more. Captain Rap only found Jack. Go figure.


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