Origin of Denied KittyEdit

Denied Kitty was a set of pictures made by Jack.
  • Jack's Denied Kitty Icon.
  • Lion's Denied Kitty Icon
  • Ghosts Denied Kitty Icon
  • JourneyRose3's Objects
The first Denied Kitty was a picture of Denied Kitty in front of Fred's statues of Lion and Captain Tangle for "Best Pirate Friends". Lion was originally mad at this joke, until one day, on August 20th of 2012, He sent Jack many messages chanting, "We need more Denied Kitty!". This inspired Jack to create more Denied Kitty. He changed his profile picture to Denied Kitty. He then created the Denied Kitty club. Lion was the first to join, Followed by MyRaptor40, and so on. There are 6 members of The Denied Kitty club, And will be more in the future. No there won't its over

Denied Kitty ClubEdit

The following users are part of the Denied Kitty club:

  • Jack (Founder)
  • Lion (Co-Founder)
  • MyRaptor40 (Member)
  • NoHack180 (Member)
  • Lolzman101 (Member)
  • Legaljordan123 (Member)

Become a MemberEdit

To become a member of the Denied Kitty club, you must do the following:

  1. Ask Jack or Lion for permission. If turned down, (which is rare) Do not proceed with this process.
  2. Make a Denied Kitty. A friend can make it for you, too.
  3. Invite Jack or Lion. Have your Denied Kitty processed.
  4. Make your Denied Kitty icon.
  5. All set! Now see Jack to get a Denied Kitty T-shirt in 2 styles! DENIED shirt or a T-Shirt with your Denied Kitty on it! Have Fun!
  6. (Temporary) We are looking for the following:
  • 3 managers who can accept or DENY members.
  • One Photographer to help make Denied Kitty Icons
  • One Processor to keep track of Denied Kitty Members.


  • Jack's Minecraft username Is DeniedKitty (Jack the Cat was already taken)

Denied Kitty ReferencesEdit

Denied Kitty will be referenced in two of Ghost's Real Life Cartoons.