Jack the CatEdit

Jack the cat is a sackcat who joined on April 16th, 2011, being the fourth sackcat to join. He is also the inventor of denied kitty.

General InfoEdit

Age: 4

Jack's Denied Kitty (Note: This was copied off of a template of Lion's)


Home: MA, USA 

Best Friend: right hand 

Occupation: stripper

Status: active  


  • Has created human versions of the main sackcats. (Photos lost by accadental memory wipe of Flash Drive)
  • He was the first red sackcat.
  • He was purple until meeting lion and becoming red.
  • He has 25 versions of his costume, second only to lion, with over 60 versions.
  • Was the star of "A Catbrothers Carol"
  • Invented Denied Kitty

First met Lion when he was in a nyan cat costume, instead of his purple cat. Edit

Hobbies Edit

  • Playing videogames, such as littlebigplanet, uncharted 3, or minecraft.
  • Calling people homosexuals.


  • The Catbrothers "Making the Movie" (Debut)
  • The Catbrothers "The Video Game"
  • The Catbrothers "Catch that Rabbit!"
  • The Catbrothers "Court of Love"
  • The Catbrothers Halloween (Taken down)
  • A Catbrothers Carol
  • To Be An Agent: Sneaking

    The Jack episode of TBAA

  • Attack of the Zombkats
  • Lion Shorts 3
  • The Catbrothers subscribe options (Cameo)

Future ApearancesEdit

  • The Sackcat's Last Chance
  • Through The Alternate Universes
  • NegaTwins
  • The Catbrothers "Captains and Captains"
  • How to be a Jerk
  • More future episodes of the Catbrothers


  • Denied Kitty
  • Sackcat's Last Chance