SpaceKat Pirates


SpaceKat Pirates II

SpaceKat Pirates is a short film that i was made by raprockrules and was later made into a part of the storyline of The CatBrothers Series.

SpaceKat PiratesEdit

Safire tries to destroy Earth because they killed most of the sackcats.

SpaceKat Pirates IIEdit

Safire tries to stop Captain Sacky Marrow and his army of dead Spacekat pirates.

SpaceKat Pirates IIIEdit

The third installment of SpaceKat Pirates. It was never released.

SpaceKat Pirates (Video Game)Edit

The video game of SpaceKat Pirates 1. It is never seen, just mentioned in episode 2.


  • At the end of The CatBrothers Movie, you can hear Rap talking about SpaceKat Pirates.
  • In SpaceKat Pirates, Lion and Rap have alter-egos. Lion is Captain Sacky Marrow, and Rap is Safire.