SuperGhostbuster is the creator and a main character in Sackcat Roomates, a spinoff series. He will also appear in B-0PZ_R3TR0's Through the Alternate Universes movie.


Info on GhostEdit

Color: Tan

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Occupation: level maker

Best Friends:

Status: Working on 13 books, 1 comic series, 4 real-life cartoons, 2 LBP2 series, 5 LBP2 films, a LBP2 fighting game, a LBP2 level series based on UNCHARTED and going back to school.


  • Ratchet941 is also Ghost.
  • He is possibly the first sackcat to be found by someone other than Fred and/or Rap.
  • He has 24 projects going on, and he still hangs out with friends.
  • His sackcat's hair is brown, but in real life he has black hair.
  • His Sackcat's personality was based on his real personality, but he added a little daredevil to Ghost.
  • Ironically, Ghost gets writer's block quite often.
  • His 3rd cartoon is being kept a secret.
  • He has found seven sackcats (all of which are his friends):
  1. He has the most pages on the Ratchet & Clank Fan Fiction Wiki.
  2. He chose the color orange for his Sackcat even though his favorite color is red.
    • In The War for U.Y.A., he plays Luke the Sheep Trooper, who is aggresive to show that just because he's small, doesn't mean he's not fierce.
    • In Sackcat Roomates, he's himself
  3. He appears as a toilet in The Sackcat Series


  • Sackcat Roomates [Episode 0: Pilot]
  • Sackcat Roomates [Episode 1: Trash Ca$h]
  • Sackcat Roomates [Episode 2: CinderBooks] (cameo)
  • Sackcat Roomates [Episode 3 Sneak Peek 2]

Future AppearencesEdit