The Sackcat's Last Chance!Edit

The Sackcat's Last Chance is the sequel to The Catbrothers which was to be made by LittleBigFour





  • Factory Workers
  • Sackbots
  • Scientist Bot


Fred, Captain Rap and Lion all visit Jacks house. After Captain rap almost burns Jacks house down, They watch the news to see that A sackcat project, Spectrum, has been stolen by unidentified robots. Fred reconizes them as sackcat killers. Jack asks what they are, but Fred goes into a trauma and lion tells him. After Jack hears the story, Jack suggests they defeat him again, once and for all. And of course, they do.


  • Lion is another main character who has half his soul taken, which is altered to make capn sacky marrow.
  • Captain Rap, another main character has his soull taken, wich is altered to make Captain Par.
  • Fred, the last main character helps Jack take out Captain Par.
  • Drayden is an assasin sackcat met on top of mount Kaj.
  • Spectrum accompanies Jack and friends through half the story. He was a project from an unknown factory.
  • Kenneth teaches everyone "The way of the Sword" then accompanies them for a while.
  • Captain Par is Captain Rap's dark side and is fought by Jack and Fred near the end of the movie.
  • Captain Sacky Marrow is lions dark half and is fought by lion in the movie.
  • Nega Drayden is Draydens evil form and is fought by spectrum.


  • Jack ends up climbing a mountain to reach yinsbar villiage while Lion, Captain and Fred take a plane without him due to jack having a misunderstanding.
  • In the original plans for the movie, Lion was supposed to climb the mountain.
  • In the original plans, there was no Capn Sacky Marrow.
  • It will be 60-80 minutes long (UNOFFICIAL)
  • In the original plans, Drayden was Jayden, and brown instead of orange.
  • The movie takes place after "The Catbrothers Series"
  • The trailer was never released due to a DLC glitch.
  • This project has sadly been delayed, and possibly cancelled, as Jack hasn't been on for a long time