Through the Alternate Universes is an upcoming film by B-0PZ_R3TR0 (Lion). It will have him and Ghost as the main protagonists. It will also feature Jack, Capt. Tangle, and several other sackcats. It may be published in 2013/2014


  • An ad for Through the Alternate Universes will be seen at the end of Ghost's sackcat film: NegaTwins.
  • Through the Alternate Universes and NegaTwins have connections above cameos, for example, Both use devices, both end up going wrong and both are "In association with" the oher person (Through the Alternate Universes is in association with "Pixel gamer" (Ghost's studio name), and Negatwins is in association with "Lion the Cat" (Lion's studio name).
  • Like NegaTwins, it is about Sackcats as the main characters, has Ghost and Lion as the main characters (Bacon is one too in NegaTwins) and starts has a device that goes wrong and puts the heroes on the adventures.
  • Even though Through the Alternate Universes comes after NegaTwins, it is not a sequel.
  • Sometimes people (mostly Ghost) accidentally call this film Across the Alternate Universes.
  • The name of the machine used (The AwesomefaceNopechucktestaboomgoesthedynamiteover9000trololololosupercalifradulisticexpialidociouslondontwentytwelvebaconbaconwrapeverythinginbacon handheld alternate universe travelling device) breaks the record for the most references used by a sackcat at one time, and it will be said by almost all of the cast
  • So far, Ghost was the one who can say the name above on his first try
  • Lion overheated the level saying.... the name of the device a load of times, but always failing to say it
  • It is November 2016 and it is still not out. Whoops