Turtwig luver491

Capt. Tangle

turtwig_luver491 (a.k.a. Captain Tangle) is going to be a new character in The CatBrothers: "Captains and Captains". She has a youtube account, "tangleheartwarrior," and on it has created and published now two Fan Art videos concerning The CatBrothers and Sackcats. She is still in the process of making a lot more for everyone to enjoy. She also has a Wattpad account, "CaptainTangle." She is in the midst of publishing Captain Tangle's Story, so keep watch over the profile for more updates on the story.

Her basic description is a Siamese-colored Sackcat with odd eyes- they are sometimes blue, other times green. She actually has several outfits, including her Captain's Clothing, her self-designed Kimono, and simple sweater-jean-scarf outfit.

Another bonus- she is the creator of The CatBrothers Facebook page!

Info on Captain Tangle Edit

  • Color: Siamese
  • Age: 15
  • Occupation: Film Maker & Sackcat Artist
  • Best Friend: Fred and Lion
  • Home: America
  • Gender: Female
  • Favorite Pirating Weapon: Golden Dagger and her Intelligence


  • The CatBrothers Series: "Captains and Captains"
  • Captain Tangle's Story (Movie)
  • A Catbrothers Carol (Cameo)
  • NegaTwins (Voice of Tiger)